United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Battle Creek VA Medical Center

Blind Rehab

Name of Service or Program: Blind Rehabilitation

Location of Service or Program: Building 3, Room 100


Contact names and telephone extensions:

Blind Rehabilitation Service, Chief:  Luke Patterson

Extension 36607

Department Extension 35195


Maria Holliday

Program Assistant

Room 100

Extension 35195


Dr. Matthew Johnson O.D.

Low Vision Optometrist

Room 127

Extension 35192


Angela Emery LVT, VRT

Low Vision and Rehabilitation Teaching

Room 130

Extension 35194


Kimberley Lambe COMS & VRT

Orientation and Mobility & Rehabilitation Teaching

Room 110

Extension 35191


Gerald Rickert VIST & VRT

VIST Coordinator, Rehabilitation Teaching, & Technology Training 

Room 101

Extension 35190


Dale Latuippe COMS, VRT, & LVT

Orientation and Mobility, Rehabilitation Teaching, & Low Vision

Room 138

Extension 35193



Department Description:

We serve Veterans with visual limitations ranging from basic Low Vision issues to Total Blindness through all stages of the Rehabilitation Process.  This can be for very basic assessment and training, case management, and referral to a Residential Blind Rehabilitation center for Training.   This can be due to a variety of reasons, ranging from traumatic injury during armed conflict to age or health related issues.